Year of the Monkey… And Maldives


It is no surprise that Joel and I spend our time and money traveling. So when it came time to figure out how to spend the longest bank holiday of the year – CNY – and celebrate our (long) overdue 5th wedding anniversary, we wanted it to be a big deal.

Enter, The Maldives.

And this terrible view.


After a 6 hour commercial flight, a 35 minute prop flight and a 25 minute speed boat ride, we arrived at Six Senses Laamu.

We spent 6 days floating on a hut in the Indian Ocean’s superbly clear, turquoise blue, fish and turtle filled water. The water, the sun, the food (cheese – every day – cheese), the daily ice cream trips, the bikes and the reefs were everything you would imagine them to be – perfection.

This once in our lifetime trip was exactly what we wanted and expected. And after 10 years traveling together, including a honeymoon in Hawaii and many, many ocean filled vacations – Joel finally got me to snorkel!





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