First NYC Visitor


Our buddy Kevin happened to be in his homeland of Australia for a quick trip so we may have threatened suggested a stop over in HK on his way back to NYC. While it was a quick visit, it was so nice to see a long time friend in our new habitat and share with him some of our favorite HK things so far –


It was a good 24 hours.


Take Two

In less than 15 days from now, we will be trading in our apartment for a ‘flat’ with a washer/dryer combo, no oven, a balcony and pool.

We will get used to 16 hour flights back and forth, bamboo scaffolding, wet markets and the MTR.

“So Long America, Take Two” is happening. This time for the even further and more exotic/crazy location of HONG KONG.

hk  copy

All that said, this craziness is incredibly exciting. Asia is unexplored by us, together. Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia – yes, Mongolia! So many places to see, so much food to eat, so much closer to Hobbits.

We're comin' for you Frodo!

We’re comin’ for you Frodo!

So on to the next adventure in our lives, which I’ll document here for all to live vicariously through… I mean see.

Hello, Stranger

Sophie loves NY

WE’RE BAAAACK! Back in America, back in NYC and back on The Mix!

We’ve officially been back in NYC for 1 year (!) and we are finally ready to get back in the Mix. In fact, we are so happy to be back and we want to share everything, all of the time. Lets sum up our return superfastflashback style –

  • We happened to be in transit to our new apartment in NYC while one of the largest hurricanes to hit the East Coast, ever, also decided to descend on our favorite city.
  • Our new FiDi apartment was destroyed
  • We moved to… Chelsea
  • We got jobs
  • We celebrated 3 years of marriage!
  • We rediscovered our love for new American craft beers
  • The original location of Cafe Martin got a new dog, Pip!
  • We traveled to Chicago, Santa Fe, Georgia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania
  • And most importantly, Sophie was back with us, if only for a short while…After 10 years together, we lost our little loaf this year in July. Devastating to say the least but we were lucky to be able to spend the time we did with her sweet, loving self. She will be missed forever and ever.

Minus the details, those are the facts you need to know to get you up to date. That said, all posts moving forward will not be on a year long delay and will include paragraphs, humor and more interesting thoughts. Promise.

Cafe Martin Recommends – Cookbooks, Fall Edition

While living in London, I had a very limited number of cookbooks at my disposal for 2 reasons – 1. They are heavy; try carrying just two in your carry-on along with most of your most important items (it’s no fun!) and 2. I really wanted to try to utilize the seasons and be inspired by our new, local cuisine.

That all said, I am reeeeeady to get back to my books and dig in to some oldies but goodies such as Ad Hoc by Thomas Keller or The Jimtown Cookbook (all-time favorite).  Since we are mere weeks away from returning to the US for good, I’ve been scoping out the new Fall round up of cookbooks. And there are a lot. Here are some of the books I will be ordering upon touchdown in the good old US of A as well as a great round up of whats available from Eater.

The Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman – I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one. SK is one the best food blogs around and I’ve been utilizing her recipes for years. The best part about the cookbook – Perlman claims that the 100 recipes are “almost entirely new”. All new SK? I’m so in.

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller – Hi. I’m Sharon and I am a Bouchon nutterbutter addict. This has got to be the best cookie on the planet and now, TK is just giving me the recipe (with book purchase of course)? I’m doomed. And elated. All at the same time.

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi – This one isn’t new, but I’ve yet to get my hands on it. I have, however, been enjoying the recipes first hand at our local outpost of the shop by the same name, Ottolenghi. This one is a vegetarian heaven.

Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte – I LOVE this blog. Delicious, mouth-watering recipes (tried and tested!) paired with incredible photos… it is pure food porn and I am ecstatic that they decided to put it all into a book.

True Blood by Gianna Sobol – I’m going to be honest and say I’m intrigued. I love the show, but I do not love blood. I do however also love Southern food and so they claim, this book is full of it. Therefore, I think it’s worth a look and cook. Will definitely have to post on my True Blood cooking success/failure.

Happy cooking to you all! Kale, squash and the Holiday season is around the corner and I for one, am beyond excited.

Things We Like (9/24/12)

Summer has ended in London and Fall has come early (as expected). It’s time for flannel shirts and wool socks as well as our heater to come on. So on that note, we bring you a Fall themed “Ten Things”, for the last time from Londontown.

Bonus! FOOTBALL IS BACK. For the love of god, we missed you.