Things We Like (9/24/12)

Summer has ended in London and Fall has come early (as expected). It’s time for flannel shirts and wool socks as well as our heater to come on. So on that note, we bring you a Fall themed “Ten Things”, for the last time from Londontown.

Bonus! FOOTBALL IS BACK. For the love of god, we missed you.


Ten Things We Like (09/20/11)

The first of the season TEN Things we like (September  20, 2011):

After 3 Years, We’re Still Mixin’ Strong!


Not only are we back, but we are bit older. And wiser. Fishmix is officially 3 years old! We’d like to take this post to reflect on all of the things we’ve learned in 3 years of blogdom…

And we’re done. We can only think about how much more awesome we’ve become.

With that, we bring you the ‘better with age’ Fishmix. A ‘Mix that talks about doing adult-like things such as beer tastings, bike rides, and interning – enjoy!

Summer Va-cay!

We have been SO busy this summer; graduation, job hunt, drinking beer, eating food … We’ve decided to do what everyone else in NYC does for the summer – leave!

That said, Fishmix will be on vacation until September when we will return with stories of cheese filled events, summer concerts, farmers market finds and creations, bread baking (of course!), tan lines (HA!) and more.

But don’t you worry, Fishmix SHALL return before you can even say “Did Kevin James seriously make a movie called Zookeeper?!”

Enjoy the rest of your summer, all. We will!

Oooo, and in the meantime should you need a small Fishmix fix, check out my Tumblr feed –


Bake, Blog, Bake, Blog

I’ve been through 3 weeks of culinary school now and I am beyond psyched. I love it. If you’ve read the blog before, you understand my love for food runs as deep as my love for The Steelers. And now I’m to make bread all day, everyday for a living – What could be better than that?

I’ll tell you what – baking, then writing about it for the whole world to see! Aside from our amazing Fishmixes, I’ve been asked to write about my time in culinary school for the Food2 blog! I’ll be contributing every other week. Look for my first post coming soon regarding the beginning of my bread journey!

Steeler Nation

Unless you’ve been climbing some remote mountain in Siberia, you should be aware that a very important event is upon us here in America. That event would be the Steelers VS Jets playoff game that takes place this Sunday.

Pittsburgh is known for is known for several things — including the infamous Primanti Brothers french fry sandwiches, the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Mellon and of course, steel. But the most important product that ever came out of this great city is the impressive Pittsburgh Steelers.

In case you were also unaware, Joel and I (and my whole family) are among devoted group of fans who have black and yellow running through their veins. I was born in Pittsburgh, as was my sister and brother. My parents went to school, met, married and worked in the great gray steel town of Pittsburgh. My grandparents still live there. Joel met me and immediately realized his long lost love for … The Steelers.

We also live in New York City, home of the Jets. This storm has been brewing for weeks now and I am beyond elated to watch the Steelers to take on The Jets in the house that Chuck Noll, Mean Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw, Jarome Bettis, Troy Polamalu and Big Ben built.

Steelers fans are some of the greatest fans in America. We love our team. We travel for our team. We stand by our team. Just take a look at how much we Steelers fans love our team here.

Now that I’ve put it all out there, it’s time to wave that terrible towel right into the SuperBowl. So let me hear it — HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!

Ten Things We Like (10/27/10)

TEN Things we like (October 27, 2010):