Holiday Cooking

Cafe Martin been busy cooking up a storm for the holidays including gifts for our family and friends as well as some treats for ourselves –

Christmas Cookies x 2! My mom passed on my great grandmother’s secret sugar cookie recipe this year and her own frosting recipe. I almost felt as if I was at home making cookies with my mom…

Pretzel bread. This is always a winner with my family — so for Christmas, let them eat bread! These rolls are really worth the effort. It took several goes at this recipe, but after some small adjustments on my end, it now turns out perfect every time!

Butternut Squash Raviolis. This dish came out of a necessity to use up some homemade roasted butternut squash puree. They were SO delicious. You’ll never enjoy pasta more than pasta you make yourself; you can absolutely taste the labor of love.

Last but not least, I made Holiday Bark. No picture this time as it’s flavor this year is a Christmas surprise for the fam! But I will give you the basic recipe here.

Happy Cooking to you!


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